What are your business goals and how can our hardware help you achieve them?

You understand that an optimal IT environment requires the right hardware. What is the right hardware for your specific situation – today and tomorrow? We are happy to help you answer that question. As a licensed distributor of hardware brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Logitech, Cisco and Fortinet, SuitIT can take all hardware-related matters out of your hands. What are your business goals and how can our hardware help you accomplish those goals? What are your views on modern workstations and hybrid/flexible working in our modern post-COVID era? We will come up with a tailor-made solution.


Offer answers second.
You have probably given some thought to how you want your employees to perform their duties in the office and at home. Do they work from home occasionally or on standard days? This is the type of question we will be asking you in order to offer the best possible solution. Do you have international offices and do you want to provide a single permanent purchase point out of your head office for your employees in other countries? In that case, we will make sure everything is properly standardised, including the right keyboards and country settings.


It has become one of SuitIT’s specialities: offering multinationals whose head offices are based in the Netherlands peace of mind when it comes to their IT. There’s so much more to it than just moving some boxes around. As a SuitIT client, you’re basically buying the guarantee that your employees will be able to perform their duties comfortably for years to come, using devices that work. If a problem does arise, we will use our direct connection to the manufacturer to handle the necessary repairs for you. Local service and data security are guaranteed.


For all hardware purchased through SuitIT, we keep a record of when it was bought and when it is written off. This allows us to also provide asset management services to our clients, because we can support the entire life cycle of our hardware, including an investment prognosis. You will know exactly how many workstations will need replacing in the near future. With our excellent connections to manufacturers, we can even offer you a bulk discount when you make a substantial hardware purchase.


Always perfectly connected.
You don’t even want to think about whether your network is functioning properly. You don’t have to; we are happy to do it for you. With our network hardware, we can provide a tailor-made solution that satisfies your every wish. Wired or wireless and always with optimal security. With our extensive knowledge of and partnerships with leading brands such as Fortinet and Cisco, we can make sure every part of your network performs perfectly. We can install a flawless wireless network that is fully integrated with the rest of your IT infrastructure, even in a challenging environment such as a production hall, warehouse or cold-storage cell. After the implementation, SuitIT can also take care of network administration and maintenance for you. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss how we can optimally accommodate your hardware needs. Interested? Contact us today!