Some possible problem scenarios and our solutions.

Choosing an ICT supplier is not a simple decision. We would like to prove with a concrete case that our philosophy is paying off. For example, request a second opinion about ICT security or safety. Below are some cases that have come our way in the past. A reference from one of the companies below is available on request.


One of our recent customers used to be an outdated but working office server. This was maintained remotely by an independent system administrator. Just in the busiest period before the Christmas holiday the server crashed and the administrator was not available.

SuitIT secured the server on site and transferred the data to a new server in the Private Cloud via a rush route. Without investments in new hardware, one could work again, with minimal downtime and costs.

We also like to take a close look at the job satisfaction of your employees. Speed, user-friendliness and ‘errors’ play a crucial role in this. When previous IT projects have cost a lot of headaches, the threshold for a new switch can sometimes be high.


A company that already has a Private Cloud environment regularly suffered from outages (hitches and delays) in the cloud. The previous transfer brought a lot of frustration with it, so that people now take the hitches for granted.

A cloud environment should not suffer from hitches or delays. This company received a demonstration of the SuitIT Private Cloud and saw a world of difference. The test was set up in parallel with the existing environment without risk. They were convinced and opted for a switch.

At organizational level, it is important to ensure the continuity of your business processes. A small IT failure can be a big problem if you have not thought about it. Do you have the correct SLA (Service Level Agreement) that suits your needs?


On paper it was the Rolls-Royce among the solutions, “said the director, the reality turned out differently, there were frequent problems and every request for help resulted in an invoice for the working hours. And who still had an urgent question at five past five, had to wait until tomorrow.

We believe that the service and performance agreements about the IT solution are just as important as the realization of this. SuitIT offers 24/7 accessibility for your business-critical processes and realizes just like you should be able to work outside 9-to-5.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the above scenarios? We look forward to see what can be improved. With a cup of coffee we perform a free analysis for you and write a second opinion. You do not run any risk and only get the benefits.